The Wicca of the Ancient Harmony
Outer Court Training
The Philosophy of Traditional Wicca
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Traditional Wicca Resources

The Wica
Historial Perspective of Traditional British Wicca.

Isis Hathor Coven (Updated Link)
Isis-Hathor Coven, in Montreal, is a daughter coven of the Isis-Urania Lineage founded by Janus-Mithras. Apollonius-Mithras, the coven High Priest, presents several articles discussing aspects of Traditional Wicca on this site. Highly recommended reading.

"Wicca from a Canadian Perspective"

Dreaming at the Feet of Hades
'Dreaming at the Feet of Hades' is an online information/blog site maintained by Mer-Amun, also of the Isis-Urania Line. This site contains very interesting and detailed information concerning Traditional Wicca.
Very Good Reading!!

Golden Dawn Canada
Library portal and reference sponsored by the Toronto Temple of Isis-Urania (Non-Wiccan)