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Outer Court Training

We are currently accepting applications for two openings to our study group.

The Ancient Harmony Study Group

A Seekers Quest

"The journey of the seeker is as unique and deeply personal as the leaf that is cast to the earth..."

Within Alexandrian Craft, coven work is mystery based, initiatory, and heirararchical; coven membership is usually solely composed of its initiated priesthood. There is no such thing as a 'laity' or spectators in Traditional Craft. This is one significant reason that most coven rituals are not open to non-initiates. Due to these restrictions Traditional covens may form a separate study group or ritual circle for seekers and non-initiates for teaching purposes. This type of study group can be referred to as an Outer Court (as opposed to an Inner Court of the coven priesthood). This gives an opportunity to both the seeker and the coven's priesthood to interact and get to know each other before either would make any decisions regarding formal training.

In smaller covens, such as ours, where people often forge deep interpersonal relationships over years, seekers are often chosen slowly and carefully by the coven priesthoood. In other cases, larger covens may maintain an Outer Court that consists of associated non-initiate members/friends who would attend open rituals or take part in that group's social functions and so forth. Typically, any Outer Court or study group is designed to 'fit' the functioning and goals of the parent coven.

The Ancient Harmony study group consists of a structured, finite, series of classes, (including lectures, group study, written assignments and debate) as well as ritual and ritual form. It presents a typical, generic style of study and practice associated with wisdom traditions. This helps the student come to some understanding the nature of the work involved should they choose to desire further training. We feel it very important that seekers discern if this is the right path for them. They may decide that their needs may be better suited to solitary work, or their spiritual/personal needs may be better fulfilled in a different path, Tradition, or coven. Also important in the learning process is the development of relationships with other seekers as well as with the coven priesthood.

Applicants must be self-motivated, be able to set aside the necessary time in their lives, and be willing to make a commitment to the coven's study group and its meetings and functions. We do not accept applications from those currently undergoing any major life change, those who are students within another Wiccan or Pagan teaching group or coven, and nor do we accept anyone under the age of 21. We do not offer online/correspondance teaching of any sort. Also, Initiate Degrees outside the Alexandrian Tradition are not transferable.

**We are currently accepting applications for two openings to our study group.

For further information please contact the Covenstead.

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